This department is interested at students’ affairs from their admission till their graduation and until they receive their scientific grades.
It also offers many extra-curricular activities like cultural, entertainment, sport, and artistic activities for students. It fulfills the academic department role and achieve the university’s vision and message in bringing up a cultured generation, armed with knowledge, skills and morals to be a good and creative citizen.

It is responsible for designing, planning and implementing students’ activities for the university in general and students’ activities in each faculty after cooperation with the specific faculty. These activities encourages a student of Kingdom University  to join, then directs him to what may help him achieve his study plan with help from specialist councilors in different faculties. Then, he is oriented in the different activities of the university; and he is told about the laws, rights and obligations. This department oversees and supports the student council.
It helps solve problems among students and professors in the university. Moreover, it directs them academically and tells them what courses they should have to take to graduate easily. It works on following up warnings, dropping out of university and graduation affairs or any problem related to this.
This department sets the annual plan for students’ activities including parties, camps, and cultural and sport competitions. It oversees its implementation through students’ committees which cooperate with the student council. Furthermore, it oversees preparing brochures, advertisements and whatever needed questionnaires. It also plans the annual budget for its activities and follows up the financial affairs related to expenses to implement them accurately.

This department is led by the head of students’ affairs administration who is responsible for planning, implementation of all these activities, and achieving its goals according to the university’s vision.

Department Roles

Student Council is the mirror which reflects the positivity of students’ collective actions at the university. This is represented in injecting university life with activity and movement from one side, and life’s challenging obstacles which students may face from another side. Student Council is responsible of transferring students’ voice and needs to the university administration, supporting them to overcome difficulties and removing anything that might impede education at the university. Besides, it works with students’ affairs administration to achieve the desired goals of its existence in supporting students’ activities in scientific, cultural, social, and sports fields.
It also has a role in enhancing the spirit of cooperation, the concept of teamwork among students themselves and between them and the community. Moreover, it develops democratic practices, the spirit of dialogue and the respect for others’ opinions, follows up students’ issues and raises their awareness about their obligations. The Student Council preserves students’ achievements and coordinates with the university to solve their problems.
The activation of the Student Council aims at developing a conscious, integrated personality of students, enhancing belonging to homeland, nation and university, offering positive-interaction opportunities between students, faculties, staff and the administration of the university and supporting the academic, cultural and social efforts and goals in which the university believes.


The Student Council consists of committees led by the students’ affairs administration, coordinating with the Student council administration to implement the annual plan of students’ activities. These committees are called “Committees of Students’ Activities”.
Committees of students’ activities are established by students through the student council and apply the administration of students’ affairs plan which is part of the university vision and message.

First: Sports Committee

Administration of students’ affairs cares about individual and collective sports activities because of its role in  refining students’ personality. Sports  committee  aims at offering various collections of sports activities to create an atmosphere of benefit and entertainment and to make use of leisure time in addition to more aims such as:

  • Offering the chance for the  largest possible number of university students’ and employees to practice their hobbies and sports activities.
  • Establishing university teams to participate in friendly and competitive matches with different universities, institutions and clubs.
  • Developing and refining sports skills to reach the highest level in university sports, strengthening intimacy between students and faculty members and creating an atmosphere of understanding between them.
  • Caring about teaching students the value of teamwork.
  • Representing the university in the different local and international forums by participating in the sports championships.

The university can offer most of the sports activities asked for by students and have enough number to practice. Moreover, it offers educational courses such as swimming-literacy courses, rescue courses, first aids, fitness and weight-loss courses, karate and self-defense courses for students, faculty and administrative members and their sons.

Second: Culture and Arts Committee

Students’ activity is a means of potential energy discharge and a point of talents refinement. This is why this committee cares about cultural and artistic activities of the university students. Students’ affairs administration cooperates with the student council and students’-activity committees to oversee all the artistic activities, organize them according to the university vision and message and implement them. This committee establishes different artistic groups like musical, singing and theatre groups and rovers. Also, it prepares all the programmes which serve the cultural and artistic activities at the university like organizing artistic parties and cultural competitions and founding  a chorus and a musical team for the university to participate in the national cultural and social festivals.

Third: Social Committee

It is interested at the social communication between students themselves and between students and the members of faculty and administration. It also restores the social, religious and national festivals. It is interested at establishing and following up graduates’ club and communicates with students’ families and the members of the faculty and administration. The social committee helps in social and service activities in the Bahraini community such as paying visits to social institutes and supporting them. It, moreover, contributes society service, development and prosperity. It sufficiently participates in the social activities to plant the idea of social work between students.

Fourth: Media Committee

It is interested at media activities in the university and supports other committees by publishing and advertising their activities. It takes a role in the quarterly journal of the university. It helps in publishing and advertising all of the university events and activities and makes sure that students and crowds are informed about it. It works on monitoring, recording and filming all students’ activities and sends them to TV channels, radio channels and newspapers after coordinating with the media department at the university.

Fifth: Students’ Affairs and Service Committee

It provides guidance to students within the university, paves the way for them to get rid of obstacles like registration, guidance, students’ problems and mailings. Coordinating with the students’ affairs department and the student council, this committee helps foreign students with their special affairs regarding their accommodation, visa and other financial sides. It also establishes a special day for colonies to welcome the non-Bahraini students’ families.

Student Affairs: Administration Missions

  • Planning and implementation of all students’ activities.
  • Following up committees, students’ clubs and student council, supervising its elections or dissoluting it through the credited law.
  • Supervising rovers and sponsoring and overseeing scouts at the university.
  • Organizing internal and external, scientific and entertaining trips.
  • Organizing lectures and meetings about different activities.
  • Supervising the reception of new students and guiding them academically through cooperation between different faculties.
  • Organizing national and social festivals and closing ceremony for students’ activities.
  • Supervising students’ scientific, artistic, cultural, and social activities.
  • Helping in planning and implementing general activities in the university such as the university annual conference, the graduation ceremony, the university journal, functional training and directing department, graduates association, university accommodation committee, exhibits committee and library committee.

Students’ Council

In its attempt to enrich students’ campus life, KU supports the presence of the Student Council which is comprised of elected student representatives, through annual election that are open for all enrolled students based on the Student Council regulations.
The Student Council functions as the link between the students and the University Management in order to take part in the decision making process in the university.
The council also initiates students’ events and activities in order to encourage an active social life within the university.